Welcome to Restoring American History


Hi! Welcome to RestoringAmericanHistory.com!

This website was created to help you rediscover America's rich history.

Over the previous 40-50 years, information about the nation’s Founding has slowly begun to disappear.  Consequently, many Americans are no longer anchored in a citizen’s understanding of how or why the nation was founded.  History proves that a nation which loses its roots and its history, is destined to vanish. 

Restoring American History.com was developed around eight historical posters, each featuring a particular time block in America's history.  Time block two, "Planting Freedom," which covers the nation's Founding Period, is our inaugural poster. Currently, it offers 128 core elements of America’s Founding in lesson format. The interactive lessons are brief but informative, and the supporting lesson plans, workshops, and timeline notes are ideal for individual or group study.  There are even a few surprises along the way!

We hope you enjoy the journey of rediscovering America’s history and use the material found here to teach others about what makes America so special. 

Sincerely,The Team at My Interactive America, LLC